Welcome to my kitchen,

I share easy and yummy recipes from scratch with accessible ingredients.

My recipes don’t take too much time to make.  You don’t have to spend all your time in the kitchen.

The very first sentence I should say is if I can bake, you can bake too.

I realized that if you have a very well written-detailed recipe in front of you, anyone can bake.  I always love baking books with pictures which I think make everything easier. So this is how I present my blog to you.  

I try to explain everything with step by step pictures so I can walk with you through the stages.  If there is a special technique in a recipe, I also talk about it in my post.  You will not only bake but learn the details.

You’ll find sweets from cookies to bars, candys to muffins. Chocolate cookies with cocoa powder, lemon slice and bake cookies, apple pie bars and palmiers are my popular recipes.

I also love sharing healthy recipes from no-bake energy balls to smoothies

This year I am planning to add more breakfast and appetizer recipes to my recipe list.

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Pastry and Beyond’s delicious and tested recipes have been featured on Parade, Foodista, Foodgawker, among others. 



Here is my story,

I always loved pastries but only the eating part. 😉  I haven’t baked anything until the very end of my twenties!  As I had no idea about baking, first I bought a book that talks about techniques besides the recipes to see if I like the baking part. 

After I realized that I love baking,  I attended a 6-month Pastry & Baking courses.  When I have started to receive sincere appreciation, I have been motivated and encouraged to bake and develop more recipes.

Shortly, my story doesn’t start as I was making cookies since I was 3 but the story of my niece does. 🙂 You will hear a lot about her here and for the moment you can only see her magic hands while she is helping me.   My baking story grew up with her.   Especially before she started school, we used to make cookies, bread, cupcakes, decorated cakes a lot and these were so much fun and even made me love baking more and more.  I want to share all the nice moments here on my blog.  I love sharing this passion with her.

And about my name…  Meymi is how my niece calls me.   Especially when she was 2  years old, she used to call me Aunt Meymi,  then she kept it short, started to say just Meymi.   And since then people call me this way.  I love this name which is cute, easy to pronounce, easy to remember that is given to me by my niece.

If I know that I can make your life EASY & YUMMY, this will make my day.

Enjoy Pastry & Beyond!



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