Lemon Curd Mousse Recipe
Prep Time
25 mins
Cook Time
25 mins
Total Time
50 mins

This sweet and tangy lemon curd mousse recipe is delicious with crushed vanilla cookies!   Soft lemon mousse makes a nice combination with the crunchy cookies.

Course: Dessert
Servings: 4 med glasses, 8 small glasses
Calories: 357 kcal
Author: Pastry and Beyond
  • 1 recipe -380 g homemade lemon curd*
  • 235 g (1 cup) heavy cream, cold
  • ¼ recipe -125 g Easy Slice-and-Bake Vanilla Cookies**
  • 1 recipe Candied Lemon Slices***, optional
  1. Make the lemon curd and let it cool.  While it is cooling, make the vanilla cookies, and let them cool.  If you want to make candied lemon slices, you can start making them while vanilla cookies are baking.

  2. When the lemon curd is cool, whip the heavy cream with a hand-held mixer or with a stand mixer using a whisk attachment at medium speed for almost 3-4 minutes until it holds soft peaks.

  3. Gently fold lemon curd into the heavy cream in 3-4 batches.
  4. Put the cooled cookies in a plastic ziplock bag and crush them with a rolling pin.

  5. For medium sized serving glasses: Put 2 tablespoons of crushed cookies into the glasses, then cover the top of the cookies with approximately 4 tablespoons of lemon mousse. Later put 1 and ½ tablespoons of cookie crumbs on top of the lemon mousse. Then put 2 and ½ tablespoons of lemon mousse. You can decorate each glass with candied lemon slice and sprinkle some crushed cookies on top of the mousse.  Keep in the fridge and serve cold.

Recipe Notes

*You can click here for the homemade lemon curd recipe.

**You can click here for the easy vanilla cookies recipe.

***You can click here for the candied lemon slices recipe.


The calorie information above is an estimate that is provided by an online nutrition calculator.